Eco-action in Indonesia - August 2021 Update

Situated just north of mainland Papua (New Guinea), the Indonesian island of Numfor is covered by lush tropical rainforest, while mangrove forests line the coasts. From last December to May, our funding contributed to the planting of 366,000 mangroves. This project is now being accelerated, and our new funding will enable the hiring of more local staff to achieve our target of 1.2 million trees by the end of this year.

The forests of Numfor provide habitat for endemic wildlife and significantly benefit local communities and livelihoods. Local people rely on healthy mangroves to support fisheries, provide timber, and protect against the impact of tropical storms and coastal erosion. The primary drivers of deforestation in this area are sand mining and unsustainable timber harvest to meet construction and fuelwood demands. There are limited economic opportunities on Numfor Island.

The Kameri planting site comprises 84.9 hectares of degraded mangrove forest along the western coast, where our funding has employed 32 planters working an average of 15 days per month. The steady income is creating positive livelihood impacts and empowering communities to restore and protect their forests.

Our Indonesian trees are taking root and thriving. We’ll be planting many more next season. Our site has the capacity for at least 1.7m trees, spaced out at a density of 20,000 trees per hectare.

Funding for this planting project is automatically created with every member action within Evergrow — our affordable employee engagement app that unifies recognition, rewards, savings, wellness and climate action for growing businesses. Evergrow makes work more meaningful, and your impact more powerful. The more that members use Evergrow, the more trees we can plant, enabling more CO2 to be removed from the atmosphere, reducing global warming.

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