CarltonOne wins at the 2022 Real Leaders Eco Innovation Awards

CarltonOne Engagement has been selected as one of the Top 50 winners in the 2022 Real Leaders Eco Innovation Awards, for our Evergrow eco-action program. This inaugural award is designed to recognize achievements in environmental impact, based on originality, measurable impact and program design that helps solve an environmental issue. 

“We’re thrilled to receive this award, which recognizes our ongoing commitment to eco-action,” CarltonOne founder and CEO Rob Purdy said. “As a lifelong environmentalist, I’ve been passionate about finding tangible ways to protect our ecosystems, and fight the undeniable climate crisis. As a global company, operating in 185 countries, we weigh the ecological responsibility of our international scope, and have intentionally structured our solutions to minimize the carbon footprint of our operations. This is both climate-positive and our competitive advantage.”

“This is such a critical moment for our planet,” says Julie Van Ness, CEO of Real Leaders. “The latest IPCC report’s dire climate warning has made it clear there is no time to waste. It’s going to take all of us working together, especially business leaders who can leverage their influence and power in service to the planet.  That’s why we dedicated our issue to business-led solutions for tackling the climate crisis; and we’re excited to introduce the world to our Eco Innovation Award-winning companies and CEOs who are doing just that.”

With Evergrow, CarltonOne is taking intentional, sustainable and strategic actions that support a fundamental concern about impending climate change. Every transaction on all of their platforms — Power2Motivate, Kart and Global Reward Solutions, funds tree planting in 5 countries with Eden Reforestation Projects.

In addition, tree planting, and the ongoing nurturing and protection of new forests brings local villagers critical jobs, food security, social empowerment and a reliable income. CarltonOne been able to fund nearly 14 million trees and 13,000 workdays of local employment in the countries where planting projects are operating.


Real Leaders is a membership community for impact leaders with a global media platform dedicated to driving positive change. It’s on a mission to unite farsighted leaders to transform our shortsighted world. Founded in 2010, Real Leaders recognized early on that businesses bore a responsibility to be as cognizant of their impact on employees, society, and the planet as they are on their bottom line. Real Leaders is a B Corporation, member of the UN Global Compact, and is independently owned. 

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