14 Million Members

10 Million Rewards

185 Countries

18,254,291 Trees Funded

Purpose powers performance

A thoughtful rewards, recognition and incentive program can transform the work experience, making it more meaningful and more productive.

Employee Recognition Services, Appreciation, & Loyalty Programs


The more emotionally engaged employees are, the higher their productivity, the deeper their creativity, and the stronger their loyalty. Employee engagement begins with recognizing every moment of exceptional performance. Companies that inspire more motivated employees are 43% more productive and 21% more profitable. The employee engagement services at CarltonOne Engagement can help your workers succeed while also enjoying their work environment.
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Making recognition tangible is key to turning emotion into action. We offer over 10 million rewards from the world’s most loved brands with AI-driven global storefronts that deliver merchandise, gift cards, amazing travel experiences, local savings and much more. Our platforms simplify procurement, shipping, currencies and taxation. Our reward program services are here for you.
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Sales teams, channel partners and end customers thrive on multi-tiered, KPI-driven loyalty and incentive programs. Simple to set up, easy to personalize, seamless to run, accessible anywhere and with detailed reporting, our technology enables creative, customizable programs that can scale for any organization.
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Our multi-experience technology platforms

Creating global, fully integrated programs to make work mean more for your people is what we do best. Bringing together disconnected legacy programs into a seamless, efficient and high-ROI solution is why we count some of the world’s best brands among our client list. Each of our platforms share core technologies to unify employee engagement, recognition, loyalty programs, wellness, savings, rewards programs, and eco-action throughout the world.

Enterprise & SMB SaaS recognition, incentive, loyalty and rewards

Power2Motivate is an enterprise and SMB engagement platform that helps clients assign value to the desired behaviors of their employees as well as the transactions of their sales teams and end customers that collectively drive business success across the enterprise. Power2Motivate rewards member success with points that can be redeemed in our global catalog of over 10 million rewards. And every Power2Motivate transaction funds new trees with our eco-action mission.

One Global API connects your solution to over 10 million rewards in 185 countries

Global companies often don’t have the resources to find and fulfill a reward program locally. Our PaaS technology eliminates the complexity of reward sourcing, delivery, currency and taxation management with a custom-branded AI-personalized Storefront that offers over 10 million rewards with every transaction funding new trees with our eco-action mission.

Virtual multi-currency gift code for instant rewards in over 85 countries

Global companies often don’t have an easy way to instantly reward employees in their local currency. Gift Codes are a virtual way for recipients to shop in over 85 countries. They are available in multiple denominations and currencies, delivered virtually with custom emails and card themes, offer secure end-to-end code management, and fund the planting of trees with every transaction.

Revolutionary storefront to help members shop and save

Many companies can’t afford a shop & save benefit program to boost employee retention. Kart is a revolutionary new way for your members to pay less than retail and lower than online for the brands they love and enjoy deals at their local stores. Kart also includes free delivery and free financing on many products and every transaction funds new trees with our eco-action mission and best of all, Kart can be licensed free.

Every merchandise transaction funds new trees

Making work mean more requires inspiring members with a purpose beyond just the tasks, deadlines and meetings of their career.

Sustainability is the missing link in many corporate social responsibility solutions. Helping employees and sales teams help the environment while being recognized and rewarded for their exceptional performance is a true game changer.

We’re integrating our Evergrow eco-action business model across our entire product platform - funding the planting of a new native tree with every merchandise transaction, to fight deforestation and extreme poverty in Madagascar, Nepal, Mozambique, Honduras, Indonesia and Kenya.