Eco-action in Kenya - August 2021 Update

Situated in the highlands of Kenya, in the Kijabe Forest, our Monkey Corner site has planted over 367,000 trees and employs 84 planters from the surrounding villages.

The Kijabe Forest is a government conservation area in the highlands of Kenya. The site is 321 hectares of steep ravines and flat plains. It used to be covered in a closed canopy forest, but the hills and steep slopes are now completely bare. Over the last few years, landslides have become a significant problem, threatening the communities living below the slopes.

Planting in this area is focused first on stabilizing the soil on the steep slopes through planting indigenous tree seedlings and indigenous bamboo. Then, the seedbanks in the ground will be restored through the use of seedballs. Seedballs are made up of prepared soil parcels and native seeds to plant large areas in timing with local rains.

Our planting teams at the site come from the communities living at the base of the slopes of the escarpment area under direct threat from landslides. We also plan to hire planting teams that live directly above the escarpment, creating communities focused on protecting each other from the degradation and threat created from past deforestation. 

This project is thriving. We’ll be planting many more trees next season. Our site has the capacity for at least 802,000 trees, spaced out at a density of 2,500 trees per hectare.

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