Our Evergrow Eco-Action mission

At CarltonOne, our purpose-powered solutions inspire millions of people around the globe every day. We understand more than most companies the opportunity for positive global change that our products and community of members can create. We’ve designed Evergrow — our unique eco-action business model — to convert member actions on our platforms directly into climate change funding.

We believe we have the global capability to make a significant impact. Our products can fund the planting of hundreds of millions of trees, sequestering billions of pounds of CO2 from the atmosphere, while bringing hope and livelihoods for families less fortunate than ours.

We See Responsibility As An Opportunity

At CarltonOne, we’ve committed ourselves to intentional, sustainable, and strategic actions that support our fundamental concern about climate change. We’re not about using the environment to garner simple donations or generate corporate goodwill. We see responsibility as an opportunity.

We have the reach, the capability, the passion (and now) the Evergrow business model to do something to help our environment. We believe that it is this clarity of purpose that helps us attract both exceptional talent and exceptional clients. Working with extraordinary people makes it easy to create employee recognition, incentive and customer loyalty services.

We Support UN Global Compact
CarltonOne is committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment, and anti-corruption.

Millions of new trees every year

Today, we’re funding new trees with every merchandise transaction. When we plant trees to sequester carbon, we’re also growing communities. Eden Reforestation Projects targets high-priority sites suffering from deforestation and severe poverty. Our direct funding is being used to plant in Madagascar, Honduras, Nepal, Kenya, Indonesia, Mozambique and other countries.

18,102,167 Trees Funded

Our Impact is Already Growing



In Madagascar, our funding for mangrove planting has created 106 full-time jobs in the local Mahajanga community. We have planted 3.66 million mangroves in the Betsiboka region this year. This critical employment has enabled villagers in this area to become more independent, and be less vulnerable to exploitation by a local gang who cut down mangroves and bake them to form valuable charcoal.



In the shadow of Mt.Everest in Nepal we have planted 350,000 new native trees to help stabilize the soil against frequent mudslides. Our project there provides steady employment to local communities that previously would not have had any income. We’re proud to help provide enough income stability to spark new women-led microbusinesses.



In the southeast African country of Mozambique we have funded the planting of 879,441 new mangroves on the shores of the Rio Tembe river. This mangrove reforestation project addresses not just the environmental needs along the Rio Tembe river, but also the urgent humanitarian needs of the local community. Our planting partner is now able to provide 84 days a month of regular work to many local poverty-stricken families.

Ready to Start Making a Difference?

These are just 3 examples of the projects we have underway. Tree planting, and the ongoing nurturing and protection of new forests, brings local villagers critical jobs, food security, social empowerment and a reliable income. We’ve been able to fund nearly 13,000 workdays of local employment in the countries our planting projects are operating.

Reducing Carbon is Not Enough

We weigh the ecological responsibility of our international scope, and have intentionally structured our solutions to minimize the carbon footprint of our operations.

This is both climate-positive and our competitive advantage. We procure and fulfill locally in every possible market, reducing shipping costs, delivery times and CO2 emissions. However, reducing carbon emissions is not enough.

Increasing carbon sequestration, or removing greenhouse gas from the atmosphere, is critical to stabilizing rising temperatures. And while the science of climate change is complex, the solution is remarkably simple: plant more trees. We're proud to do our part.