10 million trees funded!

CarltonOne Engagement has today achieved a major eco-action milestone by funding the planting of our 10 millionth tree. Starting just 20 months ago, we launched our first eco-action project to turn every transaction on our employee engagement platforms into funding for tree planting.

As of today, in partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, we have funded 10 million trees and mangroves across Madagascar, Nepal, Kenya, Indonesia and Mozambique.

“We believe that purpose powers performance. By enabling companies to inspire employees, sales teams and customers with eco-action, we unlock greater loyalty and engagement. That’s why every transaction in all of our programs funds the planting of trees to help fight climate change,” CarltonOne founder and CEO Rob Purdy said. “In less than 2 years with Eden Reforestation, we’re thrilled to achieve this 10 million tree milestone. In 2022, we’re planning to rapidly accelerate our funding as we add more clients, more transactions and new ways to turn member actions into eco-action.”

Removing 480 million lbs. of dangerous atmospheric carbon

By funding 10 million trees, CarltonOne is initiating a natural carbon sequestration process that will absorb and store 480 million pounds of carbon dioxide. Climate science has proven that planting trees is one of the best eco-weapons we have against atmospheric climate change.

Trees offer more than just a natural way to store carbon from the atmosphere. They provide safe harbor for native animals, insects, pollinators and plants. New forests protect local ecosystems against extreme weather events triggered by climate change. Roots stabilize soil against landslides and mangroves protect beachfronts from erosion and damaging storm surges.

Tree planting, and the ongoing nurturing and protection of new forests, brings local villagers critical jobs, food security, social empowerment and a reliable income. We’ve been able to fund over 13,000 workdays of local employment in the countries our planting projects are operating.

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