Study Finds High UK Interest in B2B Loyalty Programs

A recent Mando-Connect study published in The Wisemarketer finds that 73% of survey respondents are currently members of either B2B or B2C loyalty programs. Moreover, 53% think all brands should offer them and 74% say they are a great way for businesses to reward their customers.

B2B audiences, on average, are involved with more than four programs, the study finds.

Respondents prefer points programs (75%), milestones (35%) and always-on (31%) reward programs.

The report suggests “it’s best to keep things simple with B2B audiences, especially for those time-poor and stretched individuals working in micro-businesses.”

Other key findings: people want discounts and offers (67%), partner rewards (28%), and name brands.

CarltonOne clients can create customized loyalty programs with these features, enabling companies of all sizes to engage, inspire and motivate their teams.

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