CarltonOne launches revolutionary Engagement & Ecommerce platform

Revolutionary platform enables partners & clients to create, customize and curate loyalty, rewards, recognition & incentive programs in days, not months.

CarltonOne, recognized as one of the top 50 most inspiring workplaces in North America, has launched a new cloud-based platform that simplifies and streamlines the creation of customer loyalty, rewards, recognition and incentive programs in over 185 countries.
The CarltonOne Platform is a transformative new way for business partners, direct clients, developers and global vendors to build, customize, enhance and supply engagement and ecommerce programs to multiple industry verticals.
“Today is a milestone in the mission of CarltonOne to make it easier for our partners and clients to build powerful engagement programs,” CarltonOne founder and CEO Rob Purdy said. “Our platform now offers a click and curate interface for building best-in-class customer loyalty, recognition and channel incentive programs, all powered by our global rewards engine delivering over 10 million rewards across 185 countries.”
The CarltonOne Platform delivers ten Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) innovations:
  1. A fast Program Builder experience that makes it easy for any business to create a new engagement program, or copy and customize their existing programs.
  2. A new Partner Portal experience that delivers 1-click access to all partner programs
  3. Powerful pre-built program templates that bundle features for customer loyalty, channel / sales incentive, employee recognition, Years of Service and rewards programs
  4. Beautifully designed member program dashboards and branded reward gallery pages that boost member interactions and redemptions with content widgets
  5. A modernized Communication Center interface for creating member email communications 
  6. An expanded Knowledge Center that delivers product guides, sales resources, release notes, and more
  7. An all-new C1 University, offering in-depth onboarding training, step-by-step feature walkthroughs, industry training and certification
  8. C1iD — our secure CarltonOne Identity program that streamlines access to every platform feature, including program administration and rewards management, training, customer support, ticketing and reporting
  9. A growing Marketplace for app integrations, program widgets, templates and consultant services to expand programs. It offers packages built by CarltonOne, third-party developers and vendors
  10.  A new Developer Center with API and integration documentation, code snippets and best practices [coming soon]

New opportunities for engagement app developers and rewards vendors

The CarltonOne Platform now enables developers to build on our platform to create new apps, widgets and features that expand program capabilities. Apps will be featured in the Marketplace and will be available to all clients with one-click integration. 
As a company operating in 185 countries, CarltonOne offers a rich opportunity for global brands and local vendors to sell their merchandise in our global reward galleries. The CarltonOne Platform will make it even easier for vendors to contract, onboard and manage their reward SKUs and participate in our monthly marketing promotions.
To learn more about the CarltonOne Platform, and how it can accelerate business growth and member performance and engagement, visit

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