Eco-action in Mozambique - July 2022 Update

In the southeast African country of Mozambique we have funded the planting of 1,448,712 new mangroves at the Bela Vista site on the shores of the Rio Tembe river.

The low-lying river banks and shoreline of Maputo Bay have been dramatically deforested over the last few years as the growing population intensified logging for building materials and lucrative charcoal. There has been a significant loss of valuable mangroves along the river and coastline, leading to increased tidal erosion, reduced carbon absorption and the depletion of a critical ecosystem for fish.

Research has shown that mangroves can sequester four times more atmospheric carbon than tropical rainforests. When they are cut down, or baked into charcoal, this damaging carbon is released back into the atmosphere, creating more global warming.

This mangrove reforestation project addresses not just the environmental needs along the Rio Tembe river, but also the urgent humanitarian needs of the local community. Our planting partner, Eden Reforestation Projects, directly hires and manages local staff from Bela Vista.

Through this project, an average of 17 working days a month were provided to people who previously had little or no income.

Our Mozambique mangroves are taking root and thriving. We’ll be planting many more in the months ahead. Our Bela Vista site has the capacity for at least 5.1 million mangroves, spaced out at a density of 10,000 trees per hectare.

Funding for this planting project is automatically created with every member action within every CarltonOne product: Power2Motivate, Global Reward Solutions and Kart. Find out more at

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