Technology Will Play an Enormous Role in Pandemic Workplace Recovery—SAP Report.

Engagement is critical in the public sector too.

In this article in The HR Director by SAP, executive Satpal Biant, says “when it comes to public sector digital transformation, we are at a crucial point, with the decisions made now shaping society in the long term. Importantly, the drive towards end-to-end back office and front office business processes has the power to transform how the public sector’s greatest resource – its people – is supported to thrive in this new paradigm.”

His advice:

  1. Start by listening. “Staff feel more engaged when they are listened to and their needs considered. It is therefore essential that public sector leaders have insight into the reality of their workers’ experiences.”
  2. Support employee wellbeing. “Public sector leaders must establish effective mechanisms for understanding and maintaining employee wellbeing even when working at a distance. Technology can provide a much-needed window on the state of the workforce’s wellbeing.”
  3. Make collaboration easy. “70% of public sector workers say digital collaboration tools had a positive impact on their performance. However, as the number of digital tools increases, the complexity of managing multiple collaboration platforms can pose operational challenges that undermine productivity.” Streamlined interfaces are key.
  4. Encourage continuous learning in the digital age. Employees are motivated by meaningful work that provides growth opportunities. It is essential that employees have easy access to learning and development opportunities that match their needs.

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