Inriver Study—Sustainability Is a Top Priority for Shoppers in US, UK, and Germany Survey

The study finds more than three quarters of respondents believe “it is important for a brand to showcase their eco-practice information online; moreover, the majority always look elsewhere and immediately buy competitor products if there is missing information.”

The report, ‘Inside the Mind of an Online Shopper,’ is based on a survey of 6,000 consumers across the US, UK, and Germany. It finds that 82% think it’s important for a brand to showcase their sustainability or eco-practice product information online.

The report finds that accurate product descriptions and product availability is more important than brand loyalty when it comes to online holiday shopping.

We couldn’t agree more. Fostering customer (and employee) loyalty requires a diligent long-term focus on delivering clear product benefits, value, environmental transparency and purpose. We’ve built eco-action into all our solutions, and turn every transaction into funding for tree planting around the world.


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