Incentive Research Foundation Study Reveals the Key Drivers of Work-From-Home Engagement

This recent research on the fundamental drivers of engagement in the new remote work environment reveals the following strategies and tactics that companies can use to truly engage their teams:

  • Interesting and challenging work
  • Granting of trust and autonomy (including flexible and remote work)
  • Access to information, including opportunities for growth (learning, assignments, jobs, promotions)
  • Frequent interaction with direct managers
  • Online tools to boost recognition and appreciation
  • Cash, points, and open-ended gift cards
  • Time off
  • Travel
  • Experiences (e.g. dinner for two)
  • Gifts presented by a manager

“Our expert interviewees emphasize tangible rewards like travel, meetings, experiences, and points-based recognition platforms as most vital in encouraging communications and collaboration among the remote/hybrid workforce.”

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