HTML 5 Games — coming soon!

We’re launching five new HTML 5 games soon as a new feature for Power2Motivate programs. They’re designed to boost member engagement and entertainment, and encourage more frequent program interactions. Each of these five games are quick and easy to play, and require no specific skills. They look great on desktop screens and play great even on tablets and mobile devices. Best of all, everyone wins a prize with every game!

 For Power2Motivate clients, each game mechanic can be easily customized to suit specific brands — background images, gameplay objects and logos can all be tailored to your brand, product or membership.

 Here’s the full range of new games we’re introducing to Power2Motivate:

  • Plinko: The classic pegboard game comes to P2M with this colorful take on the random falling token gameplay mechanic - complete with sound effects and music!
  • Cups: Watch your token carefully in this clever animated version of the popular  swapping cups gameplay mechanic - graphics and winning values are customizable.
  • Scratch & Win: Members love the interactivity of this familiar scratch ticket gameplay mechanic, with a customizable 3x3 grid of icons.
  • Slot Machine: Everyone can win in this entertaining take on a casino slot machine. Fun graphics, realistic animations and sound effects make this gameplay addictive!
  • SpinWheel: It’s roulette for everyone — an easy to play and engaging spinning wheel of prizes, that can be graphically customized with your logo.

Program managers can choose to activate these games, customize the graphics and assign winning points values within their Power2Motivate Admin portals. To find out more, and learn when HTML 5 games will be available for your program, reach out to your P2M Client Success Manager.

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