Evergrow joins ADP Marketplace

We’re thrilled to announce the immediate availability of the Evergrow app on ADP Marketplace, ADP®'s digital HR storefront. Businesses can now also use the new Evergrow Connector to integrate Evergrow with ADP Workforce Now® and seamlessly sync member data.

Creating a climate for change

Evergrow inspires employees who want to work for a company that recognizes their value, rewards their performance, and cares about environmental impact. It helps businesses of any size thrive by motivating their teams to change the world. It makes work more meaningful, and directly funds the planting of millions of trees around the globe.

Our availability on ADP Marketplace makes it even faster for companies to find and join Evergrow. Plus, the Evergrow Connector for ADP Workforce Now enables seamless member data sync between current ADP Workforce Now and Evergrow, eliminating the need for time-consuming data entry. It can be easily initiated by your in-house team, without requiring ADP support. Your ADP Workforce Now system will remain the single source of truth.

Here are some of the many features that small and medium-sized business owners will love about Evergrow:

  • Motivate great employee performance
    Evergrow ignites the power of one-click recognition across your organization. Members can instantly recognize and celebrate a colleague’s great work, birthday, tenure and more, with public awards, badges and points.
  • AI-personalized rewards
    Evergrow members can redeem for over 10 million rewards from the world's most popular brands like Apple, Sony and Bose, gift cards, amazing travel escapes, concerts and mobile top-up. Our Evergrow AI engine curates and suggests the perfect reward to match a member’s unique interests.
  • Shop & Save
    In addition to redeeming points, Evergrow members can shop directly for a vast range of brand name merchandise, gift cards, event tickets, mobile top-up, and travel experiences. Evergrow also offers instant financing and free delivery on many items to help customers more easily afford aspirational purchases.
  • Local coupons
    Evergrow also helps members save everyday at local restaurants, coffee shops, retail stores, local attractions and more. These instant local coupons deals are personalized and geo-located so members can easily find a local deal fast.
  • Activity & wellness tracking
    A healthy team helps grow a healthy business. Connect a fitness tracker (like Fitbit or Apple Watch) to Evergrow and members can earn points for healthy wellness activity. Team or company challenges can even be created, earning points or badge awards.
  • Surveys, training & feedback participation
    Want to encourage training completion, feedback, or team participation? Evergrow can be easily linked to reward training, certification, survey completion, feedback submission, or meeting participation.
  • Create climate eco-action
    Every transaction within Evergrow funds the planting of new native trees around the globe. Trees are natural carbon sinks, absorbing damaging CO2 from the atmosphere and directly helping reduce global warming.
  • Affordable and seamless
    Evergrow is built to help small and medium-sized businesses afford a full multi-experience mix of benefits — recognition, rewards, savings, wellness and eco-action in one seamless app.

Visit Evergrow on ADP Marketplace here.
Learn more about the Evergrow Connector for ADP Workforce Now® here.

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