Using Technology to Support Employee Engagement

This article in The HRDirector, “Four Ways Technology Is Transforming Employee Experience” by Satpal Biant, Head of Public Sector - SAP UK & Ireland, notes the value of investing in experience management technologies that leverage sentiment and capture employee concerns and issues that can be addressed with an action plan.

He adds that “with data insights, HR and business leaders can deeply understand the workforce and their needs, and respond quickly to issues, demonstrating listening and action. This also enables leaders and managers to better communicate to prospective talent in the marketplace as to why they should choose to work at their organizations.”

Technology solutions, like our Power2Motivate platform, can also deliver new ways to enhance engagement:

  1. Supporting employee well-being by promoting and rewarding healthy behaviors and outcomes.
  2. Making collaboration easier by creating communities of people who feel comfortable with one another.
  3. Continuous learning by reminding people regularly of what they need or want to know about their jobs, the organization, and their communities.

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