Interest in Employee Engagement Technology Grows in Europe

This recent article in the European Business Review, “How to Transform Your Workplace with Employee Recognition and Performance Apps,” suggests the growing interest in employee engagement in the European Union.

The article cites research from Deloitte on the return on investment of engagement and shares with readers how technology like that offered by CarltonOne (throughout Europe) can help automate:

  • Acknowledgement cards making it easy for people to express appreciation
  • Real-time rewards for acts of importance
  • Special access to development opportunities
  • Feedback requests to promote work voice
  • Peer-to-peer recognition to encourage organizational values
  • Annual awards to make people feel noticed
  • Birthday celebrations to create community
  • Integration with Workflow Apps to support a seamless experience.

The article leaves out the prescriptive analytics derived from studying an aggregate of how employees interact with the employee engagement platform.

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