Feature Article on CarltonOne Highlights Our Focus on Purpose and Performance Through Enterprise Engagement Technology…

In this recent report on CarltonOne, the US-based online trade publication RewardsRecognitionNetwork.com highlights our ability to help organizations engage all stakeholders.

Here are excerpts from the article:

“Only 13% of employees worldwide are fully engaged at work, and this stat has barely improved since Gallup began reporting engagement worldwide in 2009,” explains Rob Purdy, who founded the Toronto-based international supplier of Enterprise Engagement technology in 1989. “Employers are finding it increasingly difficult to keep employees engaged and committed. The recent pandemic triggered a global wave of disconnection, making employees re-evaluate their purpose, their careers…and their employers.” This, he emphasizes, impacts not just employees, but customers, sales teams, and an organization's bottom line.

“Today, engagement impacts all stakeholders. Customers, clients, sales teams, even front-line retail staff need to be engaged to deliver sales, performance, and profit.”

“Simply stated, organizations need an enterprise approach to engagement that addresses all the levers of engagement with all key stakeholders. With global engagement at an all-time low, enterprises are turning to integrated engagement solutions to boost performance and loyalty.”


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