Personalize Customer Experience for Greater Engagement and Sales

Writing in Customer Think, Areeya Lila of VIEWN Inc. points out that “personalizing a customer’s experience means tailoring what they see and how they interact with your brand to make them feel special. It can be as simple as using their name on the home page or sending them a customized email based on their purchase history.”

Some of her advice applies to incentive, recognition, and loyalty programs as well:

  1. Use customer demographics and location to target offers locally. CarltonOne makes that easy, offering catalogs in 38 languages and 63 currencies and fulfillment in 185 countries.
  2. Use the customer journey to leverage behaviors. For incentives and recognition, that means offering rewards that reflect their personal interests, based in part on past redemptions, or artificial intelligence.
  3. Surprise and delight your customers with a special offer. All stakeholders appreciate the surprise of a meaningful expression of appreciation. Our G-codes instant rewards platform makes that easy.
  4. Tell product stories your customers have told you. In the world of incentives and recognition, that means profiling engaged customers and employees in your communications.

P2M Enterprise Engagement Technology and Global Rewards Solutions support many of these recommendations to enhance your program participant’s experience, engagement, and outcomes for your organization. 

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