CarltonOne Releases Video Explaining New Purpose-driven Eco-Action Engine

Purpose-driven businesses outperform those focused just on the bottom line

Markham, Ontario — (June 17, 2021) — “To get out of my house.” “I need to eat.” “To pay my rent.” “Money.” “Banter.”

These are some of the reasons employees of CarltonOne Engagement gave for coming to work each day. But as the video continues to play, the question of “why come to work,” becomes a discussion around purposeful work.

“That exploration of the transformational concept of purpose led to the creation of Evergrow, our new eco-action engine to directly turn transactions into funding for climate change initiatives around the world,” CarltonOne founder and CEO Rob Purdy said. “Because we serve customers in over 85 countries, we understand more than most companies the opportunity for positive global change that our products and community members can create.”

Throughout the course of the Business Reporter-produced video, executives discuss the meaning of purpose, how it applies to the workplace, and the value it brings to companies and employees. 

More than 75% of American workers are not engaged according to the “State of the American Workplace” study by the Edelman Trust Barometer and Gallup. Meanwhile purpose-filled organizations outperform the S&P 500 14 to 1. 

Evergrow is a recognition and rewards tool that provides merchandise from top brands. It also builds a climate for change working with environmental organizations to create meaningful and lasting climate change.

“It’s a climate change movement powered by employee performance,” Purdy said. “The more that members use Evergrow, the more trees are planted. Evergrow gives purpose to every employee transaction by funding climate action for new native trees around the world.”

So far, 6 million trees have been planted through funding provided by users of the Evergrow platform. The tree-planting initiative is in partnership with Eden Restoration Projects, a proven nonprofit, that supports local communities to plant and protect new native forests restoring ecosystems around the world.

“Employees want to work for brands that are part of a bigger movement — like Evergrow’s tree-planting initiative,” Purdy said. “Evergrow will allow members to help fight climate change while also being part of positive change within their company.” 

About CarltonOne Engagement

CarltonOne Engagement is a talent technology company that creates B2B employee recognition, rewards, sales/channel incentive and customer loyalty programs. With the goal to make work mean more, the company offers Power2Motivate — a SaaS enterprise engagement solution; Global Reward Solutions — a real-time reward marketplace of 400 suppliers in 185 countries; and Evergrow — a new AI-driven SMB multi-experience app for recognition, rewards, wellness and feedback. In spring 2021 CarltonOne will debut Kart. Each of these solutions fuels CarltonOne’s sustainability mission to fight climate change with a unique eco-action business model that will fund the planting of 100 million trees every year by the end of 2022, and protect our planet’s air, oceans, soil and species. For more information, visit

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