CarltonOne Releases New AI-Personalized Employee Engagement Solution To Fund 100 Million New Trees Every Year

Affordable small and medium business solution provides a unified multi-experience app that empowers change through personalized and engaging recognition, rewards and incentives.

Markham, Ontario — (Nov. 17, 2020) — CarltonOne Engagement, the world’s most-trusted platform to power rewards programs of leading companies, announced today the launch of Evergrow — an AI-driven engagement solution that boosts recognition, performance, wellness, and teamwork. Evergrow’s unique business model also directly funds the planting of millions of trees around the world.

Evergrow is designed to create a culture of change within companies to drive engagement, increase retention, motivate productivity and grow profits. It’s an affordable, multi-experience app that unifies recognition, rewards, savings, wellness and climate action benefits all within one solution.

“We’re excited to launch this next-generation engagement solution that employees will love. But our mission goes beyond just helping companies thrive. Evergrow turns every employee transaction into climate action by funding new native trees around the world,” said Rob Purdy, founder and CEO of CarltonOne. “The more that members use Evergrow, the more trees are planted. It’s a climate change movement powered by employee performance. We already planted 3.1 million trees in Kenya, Mozambique, Madagascar and Nepal and are well on our way towards our goal of funding 100 million trees every year by the end of 2022.”

Every Evergrow feature is designed to make work more rewarding and meaningful: 

  • Intuitive performance recognition engine — igniting the power of one-click recognition across a company, recognizing a colleague’s great work, birthday, or anniversary with public awards, badges, and points.
  • AI-personalized rewards — the Evergrow reward marketplace uses our Reward AI to personalize a collection of merchandise from top brands like Apple, Sony, and Bose, amazing travel escapes, last-minute concerts, and events.
  • Evergrow savings — offering hundreds of thousands of discounts on movie tickets, gift cards, travel, events, fashion, electronics, and more; discounts up to 65% off fashion, 50% off watches, and 25% of electronics. Evergrow also features personalized discounts at local restaurants, coffee shops, and retail stores, with savings extended to family members.
  • Activity & wellness — tracking that creates healthy individuals, teams, and businesses, using fitness trackers (such as Fitbit or Apple Watch) to earn points and badges through wellness challenges. 
  • Surveys, training & feedback — encouraging training completion, feedback, and team participation by easily linking to reward training, certification, survey completion, feedback submission, or meeting participation.

The tree-planting initiative is in partnership with Eden Restoration Projects, a proven non-profit, that supports local communities to plant and protect new native forests in locations around the world.

“Employees want to work for brands that are part of a bigger movement — like Evergrow’s tree-planting initiative,” Purdy said. “Evergrow will allow members to help fight climate change while also being part of positive change within their company.” 

About CarltonOne Engagement

CarltonOne Engagement, headquartered in Toronto, is a leading talent technology company that creates engagement and reward technology solutions that power employee recognition, sales and channel incentive, and customer loyalty programs for a blue-chip customer base. The company’s solutions include Power2Motivate, a customizable SaaS enterprise engagement solution for motivating, measuring, and rewarding performance, Global Reward Solutions (GRS), a reward marketplace of over 400 suppliers in 185 countries, and Evergrow, an all-in-one multi-experience app for the SMB market that powers climate eco-action. For more information, visit

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