Are We the Salesforce of Enterprise Engagement Technology?

Salesforce pioneered the unified cloud approach to customer relationship management. Its extraordinary success grew by fully integrating the tools and solutions a company would need to manage the entire sales funnel and customer lifecycle. Can the same be done for enterprise engagement? We know it can.

In this analysis of the emerging Enterprise Engagement technology market in ESM (a US-based online publication focused on engagement), we had the opportunity to talk about how clients use our single platform to align and engage all key stakeholders. This integration enables communications; assessment, feedback, and referrals; learning; social recognition; wellness and safety; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), and the unprecedented ability to correlate engagement data across the enterprise.

Similar to Salesforce, we offer our partners a complete library of support services to help them and their clients get the best out of our technologies, including a library of resources covering almost all aspects of engagement across the enterprise.


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