11 million trees funded!

To commemorate Earth Month 2022, we’re proud to announce that CarltonOne has funded the planting of 11.4 million trees in partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, across Madagascar, Nepal, Kenya, Indonesia and Mozambique. Just 24 months ago we launched our first eco-action project to turn every transaction on our employee engagement platforms into funding for tree planting. 

Eden Reforestation targets high-priority sites suffering from deforestation and severe poverty that have globally significant biodiversity values. Funding from every project enriches every local community as residents are employed and fairly paid to plant and nurture native trees. Local projects create local jobs, creating sustainable development and growth where it’s most needed. Maman’i Kambana began working for Eden in 2014. Since then, she’s been able to send her children to school, open her own business, and help transform the environment in Madagascar by planting countless trees. Watch this video to learn more about Maman’i Kambana’s story: 


Reclaiming carbon from the skies to the roots.

Planting trees is one of the best eco-weapons we have against atmospheric climate change. Trees and mangroves naturally absorb and store dangerous carbon. In fact, just one tree can remove up to 48 lbs. of carbon every year. 

Trees offer more than just a natural way to sequester carbon from the atmosphere. Trees also provide safe harbour for native animals, insects, pollinators and plants. New forests protect local ecosystems against extreme weather events triggered by climate change. Roots stabilize soil against landslides and mangroves protect beachfronts from erosion and damaging storm surges.

Recently, Eden announced that, despite ongoing COVID-19 challenges, they have produced, planted and protected over 830 million trees across 243 projects in 9 countries and provided over 11,500 community members with opportunities for economic self-sufficiency. We’re proud of our partnership with Eden and look forward to escalating our contribution in the months ahead. 

Connecting employee engagement and incentive behaviours to real-world climate change eco-action is tangible proof that we can make work mean more, one moment at a time. To find out more about our eco-action plans, and the products they are fuelled by, please visit eco.carltonone.com

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