Global Supply Chain Report

Social media, newspapers, late night talk shows, and governments around the world are painting an alarming picture of the global supply chain. A perfect-storm combination of factors has combined to spotlight the fragility of the just-in-time trade networks that manufacture and distribute the merchandise the world wants.

So what exactly is happening, how did we get to this break point, and what can we do about it?

GRS Procurement has prepared a full supply chain analysis that explains why this crisis is upon us and what you can expect next. This World Reward Report is yours free, and free to share, and you can download it here:


We’re ramping up in all areas of our business to prepare for our busiest quarter ever. Our vendors and shipping partners remain confident they can deliver rewards within reasonable timeframes. To ensure this, here’s what we are doing for the next 90 days:

  • While reward selection on some items will be temporarily limited, our vendors are streamlining their product range, and have stocked up on popular colors and SKUs.
  • The GRS Reward Cloud platform provides the most up to date real-time connectivity to the Merchandise supply available around the world. This direct connection with daily updates greatly reduces the risk of rewards no longer being available. If stock runs low on a high demand item and it becomes unavailable before shipping, we will seek to offer the same SKU in a different color, if available. We will always advise the member first and request their approval within 3 business days to fast-track resolution. If an order can’t be fulfilled, we will quickly notify the member and refund their points to ensure they have the opportunity to redeem for another item from the millions of rewards available across the GRS platform.
  • We are launching storefront campaigns throughout October, November and December to encourage members to order early for holiday delivery.

Despite these supply chain challenges, our clients’ members continue to redeem for rewards in record numbers. In fact, our order volume has jumped throughout the pandemic. We’re delighted to be able to reliably deliver the rewards that members have earned.

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