AI-personalized rewards store launches globally, making rewards more meaningful and engagement more powerful

Newly redesigned storefront from Global Reward Solutions introduces Reward AI personalization to make reward shopping smarter, faster and more intuitive

Toronto, Ontario — (April 23, 2020) — Global Reward Solutions, the pioneering platform for rewards magenemnt, announced today the launch of a new Personalized Storefront powered by a revolutionary Reward AI that transforms the rewards shopping experience.

Using machine learning, Reward AI suggests rewards that best match an members interests, boosting engagement and redemption rates. An all-new, next generation search & shop interface also makes it faster to find and easier to order from the GRS catalog of over 2,500 brand name rewards from companies like Apple, Sony, Garmin, Nintendo, BOSE, FitBit, Cabela’s, Michael Kors, KitchenAid and more. Together, these two innovations accelerate point redemptions and drive program loyalty and positive behaviour change.

“Companies with incentive, recognition or loyalty programs want a platform that motivates people to create their greatest work with personally meaningful rewards,” said Rob Purdy, founder and CEO of Global Reward Solutions. “With our new Reward AI technology, we’re making it easier to find and redeem for what you love, reinforcing the direct connection between performance and rewards. It’s a gamechanger.”

The new GRS Personalized Storefront is a revolution in reward shopping design. In addition to AI-personalization it features six design innovations:

  1. Featured Brands showcase the popular brands that members love. 
  2. Faceted browsing makes it easier for members to browse reward categories.
  3. Attribute Grouping helps members pick the exact size, color or feature options they want, all on one screen. 
  4. Featured Categories highlight popular reward collections like fashion, travel or home design. 
  5. Search mega-menus accelerate store navigation. 
  6. Integration with our Evergrow climate action program, with every transaction Global Reward Solutions is funding the planting of 5 new native trees to reduce global warming.

Locally-sourced reward delivery for the remote workforce

As people around the world adjust to the current work-from-home experience, employee engagement becomes more critical than ever. With customers in over 185 countries, we’ve pioneered a flexible and resilient local sourcing and fulfillment system that enables us, even in these challenging times, to deliver rewards quickly and efficiently to people working from home. We’ve also curated a special collection of home-based rewards to make the new work experience a little more comfortable. While the selection varies regionally, rewards like ergonomic desks and accessories, yoga and home fitness equipment, wellness trackers, 4K TVs, smart home devices and more have become popular redemptions. In the weeks ahead we will also be launching an innovative suite of savings, wellness challenges and best practice guides to support all work-from-home members. 

About Global Reward Solutions

Global Reward Solutions is the world’s first cloud-based, rewards management platform that enables your business to increase the performance of recognition, sales, consumer loyalty, marketing campaigns and contests. Our technology helps motivate employees at the world’s smartest companies with an AI-powered personalized reward storefront, filled with the most popular brands, like Apple, Sony, Garmin, Nintendo, BOSE, FitBit, Cabela’s, Michael Kors, KitchenAid, and thousands of other amazing brands worldwide. Our platform seamlessly automates reward data, order processing, local fulfillment, regional tax compliance and currency conversion in over 185 countries. Learn more at

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