Evergrow unifies 5 core features into a seamless multi-experience app for only $5 per member per month.

Many companies overpay for an expensive patchwork of disconnected recognition, reward and incentive programs. Evergrow’s multi-experience app unifies all of theseseparate features together into a seamless, affordable solution.

Easy recognition

Boosts morale and teamwork with easy, 1-click recognition.

Millions of reward options

Members can instantly choose from millions of rewards from the brands they love.

Increase Wellness

Evergrow encourages healthy activity with wellness challenges and fitness tracking.

Offer Discounts

Members can save with discounts on travel, merchandise, gift cards, and even local restaurants and stores.

Increase Feedback

We’ve made crucial feedback and surveys easier than ever.

Recognition, rewards, savings, wellness and more.

Inspiring remote and distracted employees to be more productive is critical for growth. Evergrow helps employees stay motivated with instant recognition, incentive rewards, wellness gamification, everyday savings and more.

A seamless multi-experience app

For years, companies have struggled to find an ideal solution to achieve all of their goals affordably, often patching together disconnected technologies and programs. Mismatching interface designs, terminology and log-in credentials create a patchwork that discourages employees from using the services. Also, data from these individual services are siloed and don’t holistically connect to become meaningful. Evergrow creates a single log-in, seamless experience, and uses data as employees use each of the features, creating a uniquely personal engagement journey.

Intuitive performance recognition engine

Evergrow ignites the power of one-click recognition across your organization. Members can instantly recognize a colleague’s great work, birthdays or tenure, with public awards, badges and Evergrow points.

Personalized rewards

Evergrow helps you recognize great work with the largest collection of the world’s most loved rewards. The Evergrow engine curates and suggests the perfect reward to match a member’s unique interests.

Simplified reward financing

We’ve made it easier for Evergrow members to get the rewards they want without the wait. Evergrow financing offers low-to-no interest microloans and payroll deduction flexibility so members can buy rewards, even if they don’t have enough points.

Personalized savings

Everybody likes to save, and Evergrow has created the world’s biggest savings hub. Hundreds of thousands of discounts are available on movie tickets, gift cards, travel, events, fashion, electronics and more from brands that people love the most. Evergrow Savings also helps you save everyday at local restaurants, coffee shops and retail stores.

Activity & wellness tracking

A healthy team helps grow a healthy business. Connect a fitness tracker (like Fitbit or Apple Watch) to Evergrow and members can earn points for healthy wellness activity. Team or company challenges can even be created, earning points or badge awards.

Surveys, training & feedback participation

Want to encourage training completion, feedback, or team participation? Evergrow can be easily linked to reward training, certification, survey completion, feedback submission, or meeting participation.


Evergrow helps remote employees stay connected to their peers, teams and managers. HomeSpace is our unique content module that helps create an inspiring, productive work-from-home experience for employees.

Plant trees around the world

Every merchandise transaction within Evergrow funds the planting of new native trees and forest conservation. Trees are natural carbon sinks, absorbing damaging CO2 from the atmosphere and directly helping reduce global warming.

Evergrow Community & Tree Planting Tracker

Our Evergrow community of individuals, families, teams and companies around the world will have access to climate change articles, and a tree planting tracker with direct links to each of our special tree planting projects where members can see the results of their hard work.

Every Reward Redemption Plants Trees

We’re on track to plant tens of millions of trees every year.
  • Your Personalized Storefront makes 1-click recognition for every employee incredibly easy
  • Utilizing the platform boosts morale and teamwork
  • Your members can instantly choose from millions of rewards from the brands they love
  • Engagement is automatically good for the planet, with trees being planted daily
  • Members can save with discounts on travel, merchandise, gift cards, and even local restaurants and stores.

18,102,167 Trees Planted

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