According to this Enterprise Engagement Alliance Youtube show: “Essentials of ESG and Engagement” not only is the concept of Environmental, Social, and Governance here to stay, it has created an opportunity both for organizations and the solution providers that can help them. The Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) movement has just begun and will have a major impact on business, agree Dawn Conway, CEO of Boost Engagement; Brian Galonek, CEO of All Star Incentive Marketing, and Rob Purdy, CEO of CarltonOne Engagement. Here is a summary of key points:

  • The ESG movement had already begun when the pandemic struck, which has only accelerated it.
  • There is tremendous interest in ESG-related topics in all areas of management, being driven by investors and millennials, who expect purpose in their work.
  • Few people have received any training in the subject and therefore do not have a clear roadmap for action.
  • The services of properly trained engagement companies supported by technology can turn human capital involving all stakeholders into a means of enhancing organizational purpose.