How are you improving your employee’s financial wellness?

In this impactful, action-packed guide, you’ll get 5 tips on how you can be a major part of improving the financial wellbeing of your employees, starting today.

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  • Teaching Financial Basics
  • Introducing a Savings Benefit Program
  • Making Money About More than Money
  • Offering an Automated Savings Plan
  • Adding More Flexibility to Your Benefits
  • The Business Benefits of Improving Employee Financial Wellness
  •  And More!

When you create the opportunity for your employees to experience more financial wellness and confidence, they often report experiencing more meaning in their work. And when you can make work mean more, you unlock extraordinary levels of loyalty, performance and ingenuity.


Employee Financial Wellness Benefits Your Business

When an employee is literally ONLY working for their next paycheck, they become susceptible to being disengaged in the deeper meaning of their work. This looks like a team that is just going through the motions, with little innovation or learning taking place.

Improved financial wellness enhances employee ability to show up with passion, engage deeply in their work,  and pour into the mission of your organization.

With these 5 tips, you’ll get actionable tips you can immediately start using to increase your employee’s quality of life and create an engaging and meaningful work climate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this guide apply to small businesses, or is it designed for major corporations?

We actually work with small, mid, and large-sized businesses regularly, and have compiled tips that could benefit organizations of any size.

Are these tips for salaried workers, or could they apply to hourly wage earners as well?

Both! We understand that modern businesses have diverse hiring and compensation practices, and we believe you’ll benefit from reading these tips regardless of your set-up. After all, ALL employees will benefit from increased financial wellbeing, regardless of your pay structure.

What will you do with my email address?

First, we’ll send you the ebook! After that, you can expect an occasional email with industry-related information that we think we’ll find valuable. If you ever want to stop hearing from us, you can easily opt-out at any time. We would never share or sell your information!

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